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Post Production in Process

UI / Gameplay Post Ads

Thanks again for the AWESOME videos! We approve them all and look forward to disseminating.

Hot Coffee

We loved the videos and have loved working with Intersect Video throughout the entire production process.

Black and White Traffic

We are excited to continue this partnership. Intersect Video has driven strong performance and provided a streamlined workflow. 

Production / Post Ads

Branded Advertising Campaign

Image by Cristofer Maximilian



Visual effects, animation, transitions and color correction are just few elements that fall within the world of motion graphics and post production services. 


It is here that raw footage is edited into something amazing. At Intersect video, this translates to experienced and highly skilled professionals working on time and within budget. Client communication is engaged throughout the process to assure needs are met and the vision is clear. 

We work with advertising agencies, media production professionals, fellow production studios, large corporations, regional businesses and even a couple of mom and pop enterprises.

Let's collaborate to innovate. 

Forest Sunrays

The success of Intersect Video is built on embracing the idea that professional and engaging client projects are all uniquely challenging and require a commitment to quality and creativity. With a focus on teamwork, flexibility and innovation, we are consistently able to offer an excellent product that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

As an Amazon Ads verified partnerIntersect Video is a certified

service provider who follows Amazon Video ad creation best practices.

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